Edge Of Everything

Is there some place I’d rather be? No no.. I’m fine right here, Staring at the sky sitting on the edge of everything… No one knows how it’s gonna be, There’s always some… Continue reading

Hay Wired

Lightening, does strike, One place, two times.. Ask me, I’ve been there, Am still, standing by.. Never really knew what I was gettin into, Am still, hay wired.. I can feel it.. Dreaming,… Continue reading

Meadow Moment

Blue Skies are empty, Meadows are full of life. Lost souls running through the fields. They hug each other in an embrace. Flapping their wings, The butterflies teasing. Drifting around the inquisitive beings.… Continue reading

Brand New World

Sun is shinning over me, Showing me the way. Night’s been over and now, It’s a bright and lovely day. Got a feeling that everything’s, Gonna be alright. Time for new beginnings, I… Continue reading


Walking on the road I realize we are all alone, Fighting our thoughts to find a resolution. With no one to help us so we are on our own, Thinking the things that… Continue reading

Walking Down The Aisle

Walking down the aisle, waiting for you to turn around. You are nothing but an illusion but your memories are still warm. Read all the signs, mistook them for reality. They were nothing… Continue reading

What Can You Say?

Lets talk about random things, Things that create an illusion we call life. It’s complicated and strange Yet, somehow it’s so well justified! Memories are hard to forget, Disease is a better word,… Continue reading

She Gives A Perfect Day

Met someone the other day, who stole my breath away, Her smile still stuck in my mind. She looks like an angel and smells like a flower, Moves like a breeze with a… Continue reading

You’re A Make Believe

Withdrawals kicking in, can’t think straight, Running in all directions, stuck in one place. All that make up and satin panties, Underneath it is who you hate to be. You are who you… Continue reading

A Cracked Between

Explain to me what I am gonna mean! I have no clue what it means. Small puzzle missing the biggest piece. It’s absolutely absurd this existence, Life, universe, everything. The thought just slipped… Continue reading

The Abstract

I sit on my couch, and press play, The music goes on and I hear my best song play…. I see the colors flying, so I get hypnotized. My mind fakes a vision,… Continue reading

Sittin On A Bench

Sittin on a bench, rollin on a joint, thinkin of the times…. How we used to be, lively and happy, and we used to deny… Times just passed me by.. Memories just pass… Continue reading

Is It How It is?

Got your heart made up for a glory shine that you can never find. Got your mind made up, in due time you find yourself declined. Chasing time and time again the wonders… Continue reading